Stéphane Dion Meets with OLIP

During our trip to Ottawa the interns were pleased to meet with Stéphane Dion, Member of Parliament for the riding of Saint-Laurent–Cartierville in Montreal and current Liberal Environment Critic.  An academic by training, Mr. Dion has been an elected representative since 1996.  Mr. Dion therefore has a resume few can match.

With such longevity, Mr. Dion has served under both former Prime Ministers Chrétian and Martin, spent a brief time as Leader of the Official Opposition, and also served under Micheal Ignatieff and Justin Trudeau.  Mr. Dion eloquently compared and contrasted the leadership styles of the previously mentioned while also describing his personal relationship with each.

Aside from discussing his former and current bosses, discussion topics included the coalition crisis, Canada’s environmental policy, and fixing inequality in Canada.  We would like to thank Mr. Dion for meeting with the interns and sharing his years of experience.



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