OLIP Learns About the Deliné Land Corporation

We were fortunate to meet with Mr. Danny Gaudet, negotiator for the Deliné Land Corporation. The corporation is one of the governing bodies set up to administer the Sahtú claim for the community of Délįnę.
Mr. Gaudet has dedicated much of his life working on behalf of the corporation negotiating the implementation of Self Government. An important part of this is the Final Self-Government Agreement (FSGA). This is the result of more than fourteen years of negotiations between the Délînê First Nation Band, the Délînê Land Corporation, the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) and the Government of Canada (Canada).
Once approved, the FSGA will create the Délînê Got’înêGovernment (DGG), through which the people of Délînê will exercise their right to self-government. This is an Aboriginal public government composed of a Government Leader, a Main Council, a Justice Council and an Elders Council and will deliver programs and services in the areas of culture, language, education, social services, Délı̨nę First Nation citizenship, elections, and local government services. We were all very inspired by Mr. Gaudet’s dedication to this cause and will certainly be paying attention to the continued progress.


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