Convening in the Lieutenant Governor’s Suite


Later on Wednesday we were invited to meet with current and outgoing Lieutenant Governor, the Honourable David Onley. The interns entered the LG’s suite and were taken aback by the beauty and ceremony of the Music Room – not a bad place to have a meeting at all! His Honour described to us  the intricacies of his position, the differences in appointment procedure over time, as well as some of his favourite parts of the job. In particular, he and the Honourable Michaëlle Jean agree that an invaluable power of the Queen’s representative is the ‘power to convene.’ This means that during his tenure as Lieutenant Governor, His Honour has been able to bring together many groups and stakeholders in order to hash out matters of importance. He detailed his efforts as well to break a popular myth that disabled persons cannot work, and we learned how his power to convene has been helpful in the process. It was inspiring to hear how His Honour is working towards solving such important issues.

Afterwards, the Lieutenant Governor’s Events Coordinator Peter Aylan-Parker showed us around the spectacular new exhibit at the LG’s suite – Charles Pachter’s commemoration of World War I – and told us about how the artist had sent a painting of the Queen atop a moose to Buckingham Palace. It was truly an extraordinary afternoon!

– Clare


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