Learning to Smile for the Camera

On our third day the OLIP interns got to showcase one of their many impressive although largely unrecognized talents… modelling!

In preparation for our website and magazine issue we spent the morning posing in front of the camera. Despite choosing one of the hottest, most humid days of the year we were thankful that it didn’t end up raining as forecasted. The photo shoot allowed us to get to know each other a lot better – including which intern can “smize” the best – and provided us with some 300 pictures to work with, although we’ll be lucky if there are 10 with all of our eyes open!

As we were posing outside of the East doors we ran into Minister Brad Duguid, who shot us some useful advice (don’t be intimidated, MPPs are very nice people!) and happily took a photo with us.


To cap off the day we had the privilege of meeting with former OLIP intern Douglas Wong. Doug, who just finished his year with the program, provided us with an exclusive insight into the life of an intern here at Queen’s Park. We were able to get the inside scoop on what to expect during our MPP placements and given advice on how to best approach the next 10 months. In addition to important tips for surviving the year (attend as many receptions as possible so that you never go hungry!) Doug reminded us to “never forget to look up”, to realize the privilege and opportunity that OLIP has bestowed upon us and most importantly, to have fun.

Overall, our first week at Queen’s Park made us even more excited for the year ahead!

– Kristen


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