Our First Walk in the Park

After our first day at the legislature, we realized that the next 10 months of our 10 lives would be “no walk in the park.” With a bundle of nerves, we learned of high expectations, learning curves, and busy schedules ahead. Although this “walk in Queen’s Park” didn’t seem easy – we were all excited for the path before us! After summers finishing off master programs, travel and work around the region, we were all drawn to Queen’s Park on September 3rd for a unique opportunity – the Ontario Legislature Internship Programme. The first day was a particularly exciting one for myself – being from Vancouver – I had just arrived to the city the night before, into a new apartment. The 9 other interns, our director and program assistant made me feel right at home with their friendly faces and warm introductions. Luckily we had all dressed to impress and our security passes turned turned out swell. We spent our time in the amethyst committee room being orientated and were surprised with a welcome afternoon treat of snacks and coffee! Later on, a visit from 3 previous interns one lobbyist, one staffer and one public servant, gave us a possible look into the future on our first day. Que sera, sera!

– Emily


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