Securing the Pink Palace


Last Monday we met with key Legislative Security Service staff, including Operational Manager Rick Boon and Sergeant/Senior Legislative Attendant Bruno Romano. Rick explained the essential function of the LSS. Mr. Boon had a great many stories to tell us of past security issues he personally witnessed during his long tenure at Queen’s Park, some quite amusing and some quite scary. Regardless of their tone, each tale drove home the importance of treating our legislature security passes with the utmost care and concern, and of assiduously sticking to the rules in the building. Even if this means being a bit of a stickler and ensuring that anyone who follows you into a building, no matter what the time of day, has their own proper security clearance, it is essential to the maintaining the overall security of the grounds.

Rick was kind enough to introduce us to Bruno Romano in the control room of the LSS. There we saw firsthand just how extensive and impressive the camera surveillance system at Queen’s Park is, and learned about the interesting ways in which Parliamentary Privilege limits what can and cannot be recorded. Mr. Romano also taught us an interesting fact: Queen’s Park is one of the only places in Toronto where one does not dial 911 in case of an emergency! We learned that the best and most efficient number to call is the Legislative Security Service itself, who will immediately dispatch officers and if necessary contact and direct further authorities.

All in all our experience with the security staff at the Pink Palace was extremely informative and quite a lot of fun (we even had the opportunity to try on some old equipment). A big thanks to Rick Boon and Bruno Romano for bringing us up to date on the important work of the Legislative Security Service!

– Justin


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