Toronto Sun Columnist Christina Blizzard Storms In!


Last Friday the OLIP Interns had the pleasure of meeting with Christina Blizzard, the Queen’s Park columnist for Sun Media. Ms. Blizzard is originally from the United Kingdom, where she worked for the Guardian. She also worked for the old Toronto Telegraph before starting at Sun News to conduct political reporting, first at City Hall, and then at Queen’s Park. Ms. Blizzard writes for many other papers, ranging from Toronto to Sudbury, and is also the author of the political thriller “Right Turn: How the Tories took Ontario.” Blizzard’s book describes and analyzes the ‘new breed’ of Tories that took over under Mike Harris, and his subsequent reinvention of the Progressive Conservative party. Ms. Blizzard began our meeting by recounting her time as a journalist with the Guardian, and lamented that newspapers in the UK are performing better than in Canada. She attributed this to population density in England, and a higher willingness-to-pay for online access. Ms. Blizzard also commented positively on her time covering the Royal Family, noting a rise in the popularity of her columns when she writes about ‘the Royals’ (knowing what Kate wore elicits many retweets!) Finally, she engaged in a thoughtful discussion with the interns regarding whether bloggers should be considered journalists, and have access to the Press Gallery of the Ontario Legislative Assembly. Our meeting was very informative, and we thank Ms. Blizzard for taking the time to share her experiences at Queen’s Park with us.

– Matt


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