Interns Spend a Day with the Engineers


Our meeting with Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) was both delightful and fascinating. Established in 1922, PEO is responsible for licensing and disciplining engineers or companies that provide engineering services. We had the opportunity to speak with Marisa Sterling (Manager), Gerard McDonald (Registrar), Jeannette Chau (Manager of Student and Government Liaison Programs), Gonzalo Pinero (Student and Government Liaison Programs Coordinator), other important staff members, as well as Howard Brown and Kaitlynn Dodge from Brown & Cohen Communications & Public Affairs Inc. We were given a thorough rundown of what the self-regulating organization does in terms of regulation and public safety. We discerned many issues that can stem from poor regulation and planning, such as the Walkerton water disease outbreak and the Elliot Lake inquiry. This ultimately highlighted the importance of proper planning and monitoring, which was encapsulated by the slogan “do it right the first time”. On top of this, we also discussed the Government Liaison Program and its integral significance for the organization. This ensures that government hears PEO’s voice as a regulator for over more than 73,000 professional engineers. We even had the opportunity to go see a hearing where someone attempted to make their case in front of a panel for why they should become a licensed professional engineer. This gave us a vivid insight to the intricate and lengthy process of becoming a licensed professional engineer. We would like to thank everyone we met with at PEO for the wonderful meeting, delicious food, and continued sponsorship!


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