Unearthing the Art of Storytelling with Jim Coyle


On Monday, the interns kicked-off their meetings by welcoming Jim Coyle from the Toronto Star. Detailing his personal backstory and professional legacy, Mr. Coyle illustrated his lifelong interest in supporting the integrity of public institutions, defending our sense of community as Canadians, and the importance of giving equal opportunities in life to every Ontarian. The interns were enlightened by his perspective on changing role of backbench MPPs among the other changes he has observed across his years reporting at Queen’s Park. He spoke of his childhood curiosity with stories, experiences, and parts of the world previously unknown to him, and his elation to discover that his natural inquisitiveness could be translated into a career in journalism.

In his own industry, Mr. Coyle spoke of pressures to reduce the word limits in columns, shorten video clips, and grab sound bites. He asked the interns: how can Ontarians be expected to understand green energy or HST in 600 words or a 30 second clip? He maintains that the best way in which to capture and inform readers is to look for the human side of every story. His points were thoughtful and well taken, as the diminished art of storytelling in modern media has been a recurring theme throughout our meetings thus far.

We would like to sincerely thank Jim for taking the time to meet with the interns and for all your great book recommendations!


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