Cooperating over Lunch


We recently had the pleasure of meeting with Frank Bomben and Maya Milardovic from the Co-operators Group, who provided us with an overview of the company’s unique history and current functions. An insurance company that was started by farmers in Saskatchewan almost 6 decades ago, we were surprised to learn that the Co-operators is wholly Canadian owned by 45 members – including co-ops and credit unions – across the country. As a result, we learned that the company is focused on more than profits, making it a priority to satisfy the needs of their clients and to contribute to communities across Canada. The meeting provided us with a deeper understanding of how insurance is regulated in the province and served as an opportunity to reflect on the current status of auto-insurance, specifically following more recent initiatives to lower average rates. Lastly, Frank and Maya touched on the company’s other areas of operation, including life insurance, property insurance, and investments.

 Thanks again to the Co-operators Group for their valuable insight, as well as their continued support of OLIP!


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