Lorraine Luski and Rick Sage’s Annual Chili Extravaganza


The interns’ Friday afternoon began with a subway trip to North York, where OLIP Coordinator Rick Sage was kind enough to host a chili luncheon. Rick and his wife Lorraine, a former OLIP Coordinator and intern, prepared three types of chili, ranging from a traditional-mild variety, to a ‘fire-in-your-mouth’ option. The chili was fantastic, and was accompanied by fiesta music, nachos, and a gigantic bowl of guacamole. After lunch the hosts introduced each of us to the ‘Intern Game’, which involves three rounds of high stakes word-guessing, similar to charades. Hilarity ensued, as the interns, Dr. Jacek, and the coordinators used phrases, a word, and actions to describe such esteemed individuals as Louis St. Laurent, Winston Churchill, and Tom Cruise. It was a great way to start the Thanksgiving long-weekend, and had the interns reduced to rolling on the floor in laughter, and couch-jumping for joy. We thank Rick and Lorraine for being such wonderful hosts, and we look forward to playing the Intern Game again in the near future.


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