Rendez-vous with François Boileau


On Wednesday morning the interns headed to the Office of the French Language Services Commissioner to have a discussion with François Boileau. We were the first group of interns to meet with him since he gained status as an Independent Officer on January 1st 2014. Mr. Boileau shared with us his background as a language rights specialist and constitutional law expert. Through stories, he clearly illustrated the role of the office and the importance of French language services in Ontario. One particularly interesting aspect of his work has been the redefinition of “francophone” in order to reflect the increasingly diverse community. Mr. Boileau was a very passionate individual with a wealth of knowledge and we were very happy to have the chance to talk about intriguing topics with him. Some of these included our current French Immersion school system, the 5% target for francophone immigration in Ontario and the new memorandum of understanding signed between the Commissioner’s Office and the Law Society of Upper Canada. He also share with us some history of French in Ontario and demonstrated that bilingualism is the fabric of our country. We’d like to give Mr. Boileau a big “Merci”!


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