Interns Learn a Hamil-Tonne from NDP Leader Andrea Horwath


On Monday the interns completed their Ontario Party Leader trading card set by meeting with Andrea Horwath of the Ontario NDP. The scene was aptly set by the portraits of prominent past NDP figures that adorned the walls of the NDP Boardroom. Ms. Horwath of course needed no introduction, so after the handshakes and pleasantries we got straight into things. Much like our meeting with the other party leaders, we were quite taken with how candid and open Ms. Horwath was, and we had a an excellent, free flowing-conversation about various and sundry subjects. Those subjects ranged from the provincial NDP’s relation to its federal counterpart, the changing gender composition of Queen’s Park, affordable housing, the rise of independent officers, and relative significance of constituencies vs. party affiliation at election time.

Meeting with Ms. Horwath once again drove home how fortunate the 10 of us are to be in OLIP, a program so old and venerable that even party leaders are willing to give us not only their valuable time, but an enthusiastic reception as well. We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to Andrea Horwath for a great meeting!


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