Matt Mulls over his First Placement with Ernie Hardeman

Stanton Fall Magazine MPP Picture

I am happy to report that, for my first placement, I am working with Ernie Hardeman, the PC Municipal Affairs and Housing critic. Mr. Hardeman, affectionately referred to by some as ‘Uncle Ernie’, has been the MPP for Oxford since 1995. Consequently, Ernie is well versed in the procedures of the Ontario Legislative Assembly and, as a former mayor, knows full well the importance of municipal concerns. In addition, he is also very knowledgeable about both agricultural issues and rural affairs. Incidentally, I grew up in a rural riding, and am pleased to be helping Ernie address policy issues that affect all of rural Ontario. Finally, I must give mention to the inspiring Tara Barry, Ernie’s long-time executive assistant. Ernie and Tara have welcomed me wholeheartedly into their office, and have ensured that my hands do not remain idle. Needless to say I look forward to assisting them both throughout the remainder of the first term, and to learning more about the great riding of Oxford.


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