Christine’s First Placement: Marie-France Lalonde

MF & Christine OLIP - Nov 2014

My first week with Marie-France Lalonde has been great! I am excited to continue working with her and am especially looking forward to learning about her involvement in the Francophone community. This is something I am passionate about and I feel very lucky to have witnessed the inaugural meeting of the Liberal Party’s French Caucus on my very first day in her office.

Even though Marie-France is a “Rookie” member, her plate is quite full. As mentioned, she has founded the French Caucus, but she is also a member of the Assemblée Parlementaire de la Francophonie, the Ontario-Québec Parliamentary Association and the Woman’s Caucus. She serves as the Parliamentary Assistant to  the Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs as well as the Minister of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastru cture and sits on the Standing Committees for Government Agencies and Social Policy.

This week I am happy to be in Ottawa-Orléans to gain a deeper understanding of what goes on at the constituency level. It will be interesting to observe first hand how the community interacts with their Member of Provincial Parliament.

All in all, I have been struck by the wonderfully positive and enthusiastic atmosphere of the Queen’s Park office. This is due to both Marie-France and her Legislative Assistant Kyle. I can’t wait to meet the constituency staff as I am sure they will also be great examples of hard working and dedicated individuals. Je suis certaine qu’on va bien travailler et bien s’amuser pendant les prochains mois!


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