Christine Spends the Week in Ottawa with MPP Lalonde

I spent this past week in Ottawa-Orléans, and what an incredible experience it was! I was pleased to meet the great team of constituency staff which consists of Anick, Nathalie, Éric and Joel. They were all very welcoming and fun. This week I was able to get a quick taste of the different aspects of the work that is done outside of Queen’s Park as I helped out with daily tasks, joined in on some meetings and accompanied Marie-France to events around the constituency.

Some highlights of the week included being an observer of the Gas Tax Announcement at an OC Transpo garage, taking pictures at the Agri-Food Innovation Excellence Awards, attending a fundraiser and 40th anniversary celebration for the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre, receiving a tour of GasTOPS, an important Aerospace Player in the Ottawa region and in Canada and accompanying Marie-France to UniqueFM to record a holiday announcement.

Something that was quite striking, was spending remembrance day in Ottawa. I spent the day with Marie-France and we attended a wonderful ceremony at the Orléans Legion. It was very well attended and Marie-France laid a wreath on behalf of the Province. She was joined by many current and newly elected municipal councillors as well as the Federal MP for the riding, Royal Galipeau. It was delightful to have the chance to speak to so many veterans and participate in the celebration. It was especially significant for me as my veteran brother-in-law was able to join me at the ceremony and even meet Marie-France afterwards.

We also attended the ceremony at the Portobello Manor, the retirement community Marie-France used to co-own and direct. It was very touching to be there and to share the day with seniors who still have sharp memories of the war.

All in all, the week spent in the constituency was a great eye opener to the important work that is done by MPPs and their staff at the community level and the real impact of everything that is done at Queen’s Park.


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