The Interns Get Schooled by Paul Di Ianni at OCT


A few weeks ago the interns had the pleasure of being hosted by past-OLIP’er Paul Di Ianni, External Relations Officer at the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT).

Showing us the ropes at the OCT office tower on Bloor, Paul highlighted the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ public exposure, as well as the immense power that ‘great’ public exposure can provide a candidate. Before joining OCT, Paul worked as Director of Tour for Premier Wynne, having to ensure that every minor detail for her media appearances was accounted for.

Directing Tour is no easy task, and is one filled with questions: is the event secure? Have we calculated outside risks? Are our selected images and displays purposeful? Is everything on message? For Paul, both asking and answering these questions was rooted in his superior attention to detail, which made him a proficient Director then and makes him an impressive External Relations Officer today.

In his presentation, Paul provided slides showing examples of ‘Tour Gone Wrong’, where directors and campaign staff failed to consider these kinds of important questions. Background images wildly off message, publicity/embarrassment stunts at events, and protesters at rallies represent only a short list of the examples seen at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels in Canada and the United States.

We at OLIP wish to extend our sincere appreciation to Paul for spending time with us and for his professional remarks on the value of Tour. Further, we were overjoyed to see him at our Fall OLIP Queen’s Park reception as part of our proud alumni community. Thanks for all you do, Paul!


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