Interns Hang with a Star – Our Meeting with Martin Regg Cohn


We had the pleasure of meeting with Martin Regg Cohn this week, a journalist with the Toronto Star. Before settling down into the politics of Ontario, Mr. Cohn spent 11 years reporting abroad in Asia and the Middle East in 40 different countries! He also worked in Ottawa reporting Federal politics which gives him a fantastic comparative flare.

Now returned, Mr. Cohn hopes to make Ontario politics more approachable by writing on topics that he feels Ontarians are genuinely interested in – like the education system, electricity prices, and alcohol sales. He may have joked around with a few interns on their usage of Queen’s Park jargon and buzz words. Since beginning working here our “QP” vocabulary has definitely skyrocketed… “stakeholders,” “optics,” “LHIN,” and “Pink Palace”… just to name a few! We had a great conversation on what makes a good politician, and we all agreed that some of the qualities include being a good orator and a master of body language (also a stylish wardrobe doesn’t hurt!).

If you’d like to read the articles he writes 3 times a week for the Toronto Star, check them out here: And remember, no matter what newspaper you read, make sure to support them with a subscription! Thank you to Mr. Cohn for meeting with us and your openness to discuss your thoughts on Queen’s Park and beyond!


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