Justin Experiences Cultural Exchanges in Trinity-Spadina

This past week was an exciting one at the office of the Member for Trinity-Spadina. I had the opportunity to do something I always wanted to, which was write a political speech. To have my words read by an elected representative of the people of Ontario, and entered into the Hansard for all time, was truly an honour.

There were, as usual, numerous fascinating policy briefs and meetings with stakeholders, but one in particular stuck out: an event with senior education officials from Jiangsu province, China and Ryerson university. My MPP, as the PA for Training Colleges and Universities, was invited to attend and say a few words, and was kind enough to bring me along.

The meeting took place at Ryerson, Maple Leaf Gardens to be exact, where the two institutions concluded an exciting new partnership deal. Much to my amusement, the sound of slap shots and body checks could be faintly heard in the background of each and every speech. Transpiring behind us, separated by (thick) glass, was a full-blown hockey practice on the Maple Leaf Gardens ice! Several of the Chinese visitors could not help but take photos on their phones, no doubt thrilled to see rumours of Canada’s cultural fascination with a certain winter sport confirmed.

All I could think was: you know you work in Canadian politics when…


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