A Successful Event with Canada’s Women of Influence


Yesterday two OLIP interns were very lucky to have the opportunity to attend the 20th annual Women of Influence Luncheon. Invited on behalf of our generous sponsors, the Law Society of Upper Canada, Christine and Kristen got to partake in honouring this year’s top 25 Canadian female executives. Each one of these women have become true leaders and influencers in their sectors and have made a significant difference as a result.

The keynote speaker of the event was Premier Wynne, who gave an incredibly inspiring speech asking us to question and ultimately reevaluate the way that we define, recognize, and measure influence. She stressed the crucial role that all women in all aspects of society play, and noted that we should not forget the amazing contributions made by our nurses, mothers, teachers, and other essential and admirable roles filled by women.

Premier Wynne closed her speech with a famous quote by Nellie McClung to reiterate the importance of continuing to fight for a society that is more equal for women…  “Never retreat, never explain, never apologize; just get the thing done and let them howl.”

The Women of Influence luncheon was truly an exciting and motivating event filled with such driven and accomplished women. Congratulations to the 25 women recognized this year, and all women who continue to break down societal and institutional barriers. We hope that one day we might be on that list too!


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