All 3 Leaders Equally Voice Their Support For Equal Voice


As interns at Queen’s Park we get to attend some very interesting and notable receptions. Last night was no exception, as we celebrated with Equal Voice the recent election of a record number (38!) of female MPPs to Ontario’s Legislature.

Equal Voice – which is committed to promoting the election of women to political office – took the time to reiterate the importance of having equal representation in all levels of government. In addition to celebrating women in politics, the multi-partisan organization works with all political parties to try to increase female nominations for party candidates, raise awareness, and encourage women to run for office.

Premier Wynne, NDP leader Andrea Horwath, and Interim PC leader Jim Wilson all took a moment to reflect on the results of the past election, and stressed just how meaningful the work Equal Voice has been doing is. The night also served as a mini-OLIP reunion, as  former OLIP intern Erica Rayment is a current co-chair of Equal Voice!

Congratulations to the women across our province that competed for party nominations, ran as candidates, and those who were elected as MPPs. You inspire women and girls across the province with your hard work, determination and success.


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