Our Adventure to visit @RobLeone at @WesternU – Pat’s Placement with @TimHudak


On Wednesday of last week, Tim, Matt Stanton, and I set our sights on The University of Western Ontario. Mid-morning we blasted off from Enterprise-Rent-a-Car with Hudak at the helm. While on our way, we had some great conversations on so many different topics, ranging from the 1827 Michigan Schooner/Niagara Falls debacle (look it up!) to the re-branding of UWO as Western University in 2013. The stories kept us busy the entire way to London, sharing plenty of laughs and interesting ideas. Driving through Western’s main gates, it was humbling. Matt and I never thought we would be taking a road trip back to our shared alma mater with one of Western’s most celebrated graduates.

Once we arrived at Western, Professor Rob Leone hosted Mr. Hudak for a presentation to his course on Political Parties. There, Tim spoke to his students on the history and values of the Progressive Conservative Party in Ontario, including his perspective on the past general election. After his remarks, the class engaged in a brief Q&A that saw questions from undergrads, master students, and PhD candidates from the departments of political science and economics. When asked who he supported for the PC leadership race, he paused for a moment.. deep in thought… before he looked up and said: “Well that’s easy. Rob Leone!”

In a combination of laughter and applause, students began queuing-up at the front of the room and into the hall to get personal photos and ask interview questions for Western’s Gazette Newspaper.

Although this was only a piece of one day in the life of an intern in Tim’s office, our trip to Western effectively symbolizes the nature of my experiences here thus far. Gaining organizational and political wisdom, finding ways to make things fun, learning how to execute a plan, and managing time: these are all skills that are essential for survival working alongside Mr. Hudak. As a teacher, mentor, and friend, I am thoroughly enjoying my first placement working for a Member who continues to proudly serve his constituents and Ontario since first being elected in ’95.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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