The House rises – Kristy’s week with MPP Thompson

The last week of the House siting before the holidays was a busy one! Between the ever-eventful Question Periods, the release of the Auditor General’s 2014 Annual Report, and all the holiday festivities in between, there was plenty to do around the office.

MPP Thompson spoke in the House quite a bit during this session, from member statements to hour long debates. As a result, I have been given the opportunity to write questions, attend question period prep, write member statements, and conduct research for debate material.

Central issues I have been working on include excess soil management and soil contamination, the use of neonictinoid seed treatments, and the promotion of agricultural learning in the classroom. My work on these issues have included conducting background research, writing press releases, developing press kit materials, attending consultation sessions, and even a meeting with the Environmental Commissioner!

With the halls decked, the Legislature is very festive during this time of year. On Tuesday the Speaker held his annual open house and toy drive. There was a good turn out and even a live band! It was great to catch up with colleagues on all sides of the aisle and staff from the Legislature. My time in OLIP has been wonderful in 2014, and I look forward to what comes next in the new year!


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