Bringing in the New Year in Teeswater – Kristy’s week with MPP Thompson

Group photo

This past week marked MPP Thompson’s annual New Year’s Levee. She uses this event to recognize efforts of citizens from across her riding, presenting the 2014 Huron-Bruce Outstanding Citizen Awards. Having been delayed a week due to heavy snowstorms in her riding of Huron-Bruce, it was great to see the event come together last Wednesday.

Working with Lisa and her Legislative Assistant Victoria, I had the opportunity to help organize the event, including all communications for the event (invitations, press releases, media advisories), contacting the nominated citizens, sourcing musical entertainment for the night, and event set up.

The night went off without a hitch, and despite being a Wednesday night there was well over 150 people who came to the small town of Teeswater for the event! Having participated in the organization of the event, it was great to see it all come together. My favourite aspect of the night was meeting the many recipients of the Outstanding Citizen Award. One citizen, Patrick Armstrong received the award for his work and dedication creating the Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund, which donates defibrillators to communities in the name of fallen uniformed men and women. Another citizen, Carol Yull, was recognized for her friendship and dedication providing palliative care to a neighbor of hers, even taking training to ensure she provided the necessary support. Meeting these people reminded me of how individual people can strengthen their communities, making it a better place to live.

A humbling night in the small town of Teeswater, I look forward to my next visit to the riding of Huron-Bruce!


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