Sponsors in Focus: Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario @IBAOntario


Representing Ontario, the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) is a non-profit professional business association for independent insurance brokers defending the shared interests of over 12,000 brokers. Across the province, they collaborate with insurance industry stakeholders and government to build and maintain a sustainable business environment that allows individual brokerages to thrive. IBAO routinely and proactively engages with Members of government to ensure that brokers are always considered, and that they are included in consultations when legislation affecting the insurance industry is being developed. Too, the IBAO has a sincere interest in protecting consumers through their initiatives, in an effort to provide better insurance services in Ontario.

Ultimately, the IBAO stands as the advocate for independent insurance brokers, driving collaboration between members, consumers, and other stakeholders, resulting in innovative solutions for the betterment of the entire industry.

IBAO is also a member of the national association representing brokers, Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC). Through this membership, IBAO ensures that the needs of Ontario’s independent brokers are taken into account whenever the federal government or the insurance industry as a whole seeks to introduce policy shifts that affect brokers across the country.

As OLIP’s first lead sponsor, the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario enjoys a special place in the history of our organization. IBAO stands as an indispensable aspect of Ontario’s past, current, and future success. To the IBAO, we at OLIP appreciate your generous support and look forward to many more years as valued partners with the #BrokerAdvantage


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