Day 4: John Glenn School, Ohio State University


On our last day in Columbus, we travelled to the world-class John Glenn College of Public Affairs, The Ohio State University. There, we finally got to meet our trip sponsor Mr. Daniel Ujczo, a highly-experienced trade lawyer with a wealth of knowledge about Canadian-American relations. We also met Dr. Beth-Anne Schuelke-Leech, Director of Manufacturing Innovation and Policy for the Ohio Manufacturing Institute as well as Assistant Professor at The John Glenn College of Public Affairs. Dr. Shuelke-Leech had an impressive array of degrees, including a P.Eng and MBA, yet nonetheless during our discussion even she admitted the enormous complexity of finance policy in the United States!

We were also joined by Jason Seligman, Assistant Professor, The John Glenn College of Public Affairs, another finance expert. Our discussion did not focus solely on fiscal issues however; we branched out to discuss differences in political culture between the US and Canada, differences in lobbying techniques, and even legislative decorum, among others.

Our stimulating morning discussion was followed by a walking tour of the beautiful Ohio State University campus, with its stunning, recently renovated library. Finally, we ended things with a luncheon at Blackwell’s Bistro, where we continued our animated political conversations of the morning, making upcoming election predictions (both American and Canadian!) and discussing ongoing areas of Canadian-American concern, like the Detroit-Windsor bridge.


We had an excellent time touring OSU and interacting with our generous hosts there. We hope to see Daniel and the LSC fellows in Toronto someday, so we can return the favour!


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