‘A Healthy and Cordial Alliance’: Our Meeting with the British Consul General


A few weeks ago, February 27th we met with the British Consul General and Director-General for UK Trade and Investment in Toronto, Kevin McGurgan. We were particularly excited for this meeting given the Consul General’s prolific resume in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Before coming to Toronto Mr. McGurgan was the Consul-General in Florida. His diplomatic career has also taken him to numerous countries including Russia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sweden, New York, and Afghanistan.

Upon meeting Mr. McGurgan we immediately began asking him questions about his role as Consul General and various aspects of British-Canada relations. We also took this opportunity to ask him about some of the most pressing issues in British politics including an overview of the upcoming election. We spoke about the British-Canadian relationship and how it has evolved over time. However, the conversation was not all about politics and history though as the discussion eventually turned to whom the Consul General felt was the best James Bond of all time.

We were also very excited about this meeting because of our upcoming trip to London, UK in June. Mr. McGurgan spoke a little bit about what we could expect on our trip and how we could make the most of our time there. Spurring from our conversation about British and Canadian history relationship Mr. McGurgan asked that during our trip to London we think about one word that would describe the current British-Canadian relationship.

Meeting Consul General McGurgan was a great honour and we are very much looking forward to discussing our description of the British-Canadian relationship after our trip.


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