Wrap-up: Clare and MPP Catherine Fife

Wrapping up in Catherine’s office last week was bittersweet – I have had such a wonderful time working with Catherine and Grant, and while I’m sad to leave, I’m also very excited to see what my time in the government side will bring. This week, I’ve moved from Catherine’s office, smack in the middle of the legislative assembly, to what seems like a world away – the Ministry of Transportation across the street in Ferguson block

My last week in Catherine’s office was as busy as ever. From writing speeches to attending meetings and events, it always seems like Catherine and Grant are doing a million things at once!

Over the past four months, I’ve worked on a number of different items. Catherine’s role as Critic for both Finance and Treasury Board means she has to keep abreast of both spending and saving, and her approach is always to follow the money in order to find cost savings.

It was especially fascinating for me to assist with the pre-budget tour of Ontario that the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs puts on each year, to hear from individuals and associations across the province, and learn what they believe should be the government’s priority areas for the next provincial budget. It felt a bit in the office like we were physically buried in written submissions (all of which needed to be sorted and read!) but it was fascinating to learn about the interests of groups from all over the province.

Given Catherine’s role, I had the opportunity to work a bit with Ethan Phillips, the NDP researcher for Finance. I learned a lot from him regarding financial and economic issues in the province.

Catherine, Grant, Carly, Holli-Lynne, and all of the NDP caucus have contributed to making these past four months an incredibly rewarding learning experience. As I head over to the government side with Kathryn McGarry, MPP Cambridge (I am neither switching region nor first name in my second placement), I thank them all for making these past months great!


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