Wrap-up: Pat and MPP Tim Hudak

In the final days of my tour of duty with ‘Team Hudak’, it’s a bitter-sweet moment in my OLIP career. In our time together we’ve gone from ‘who is that new guy?’ to ‘I need you to quarterback this project!’—needless to say, it’s been a fantastic ride.

Working with Tim I’ve been pushed to learn and grow beyond my comfort-zone as a young professional, taking on significant policy research projects and interacting with some of Ontario’s most influential stakeholders. It was in these stakeholder meetings that I got the best glimpse of Tim in action. As the consummate professional, Tim continues to advance the interests of the people of Ontario and build upon an already impressive legacy of intelligence, honesty, thoughtfulness, and integrity in public service.

Now, at the end of our time together, I want to sincerely thank Tim for taking me under his wing and giving me the opportunity to display my talents, enhance my skills, and foster connections with so many impressive people. I cannot imagine a more fulfilling and memorable experience than my first placement at Queen’s Park—I’m excited to see what’s next!


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