Interns Stoked to Meet with Anne Stokes!

Our meeting with Anne Stokes was genuine and great. Anne works in the Legislature as a Senior Clerk, and has been here since the Mike Harris years. She has seen the Ontario Provincial Legislature go through many political phases. As a Clerk, Anne has worked both in the House and in Committees. This has given her an interesting and comprehensive understanding of how provincial politics work in Ontario, and an insight into how legislation is made. During our meeting, Anne emphasized her love for watching how legislation is created and the process of making it better.

Anne had the opportunity to even work on a select committee on electoral reform a few years ago. This committee was tasked with travelling to and reviewing the electoral process in various jurisdictions abroad, namely in Germany, Scotland, and Ireland. On top of this, Anne was also an OLIP coordinator from 2008-2012. Anne is a heavy proponent of the program and views having the opportunity to be an OLIP coordinator as one of her favourite memories as a Clerk. Working with the interns and then seeing what they end up doing after the program was a special experience for her. She even said that having to relinquish her role in order to become a table Clerk was a bittersweet moment, because despite the promotion she knew she would miss being an OLIP coordinator.

We would like to thank Anne for all her hard and important work as not only a Clerk, but as an OLIP coordinator. She will always be remembered by the program. Accordingly, we could not have thought of a better and more deserving person to give this year’s honorary internship to than Anne. Anne will be retiring this year and will be missed. We wish her all the best in her future plans.


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