Print, Film and Broadcast – OLIP learns about media in Toronto

During the month of May we had the opportunity to spend some time with very interesting people in the media industry. We started with a meeting Jonathan Kay the relatively new editor at The Walrus. He spoke to us about his transition from the traditional journalism world in which daily stories are reported and magazine where the focus is on big picture ideas. He explained the gratification of being able to take more time to really get into a story. He also shared his insight on the plight of young journalists and the need for them to create their own internship programs through blogging, tweeting and freelancing. We definitely count ourselves lucky to have had OLIP to guide us through the beginning of our careers!

We were lucky enough to end one of the very busy May weeks with a visit to the TIFF Lightbox. Our meeting with Dave Carrey provided a fascinating history of the Toronto International Film Festival, as well as insights into what it is like to work in government relations for the arts and culture sectors. Included in our tour of the building was an art exhibition of old film reels. It is free and open to the public. We would definitely recommend taking the time to visit! TIFF Lightbox also has the best popcorn in the city, or so we’ve been told. Next time, maybe we will have to convince Dave to give us a taste!

Finally, we had been looking forward to our meeting with Peter Mansbridge for a very long time and it was exciting to head over to the CBC Toronto offices. He spoke to us openly about the beginning of his career in Churchill, Manitoba and how he was discovered by CBC when he made a flight announcement at the Churchill Airport. We spoke of the changes in politics since the beginning of his career and more specifically of its personalization as well as the role of media and of a public broadcaster. Of course, we also spoke about current affairs which was a real honour as Peter Mansbridge is the one we look to every night to fill us in on the happenings of the country as well as the world!Mansbridge


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