OLIP Surges with the Introduction of OPG as a Lead Sponsor

We are excited to announce Ontario Power Generation as a new Lead Sponsor, effectively doubling their contribution to OLIP and solidifying their relationship as a key supporter of the programme.

Joining OPG at the tables for events, spanning the Public Policy Forum’s Testimonial Dinner to speakers at the Empire Club, their level engagement as a sponsor has been above and beyond the call of duty.

Earlier this year, OPG arranged for us to visit Bruce Nuclear, an experience none of us will ever forget! Understanding both the practicality and politics of electricity in Ontario has made better public policy wonks of us all, and OPG played a vital role in creating that forum for discussion. Needless to say, the interns have directly benefitted from these experiences, and these opportunities have gone beyond anything money could buy.

To Ted, Eric, and all members of the OPG team: thank you so much for your ongoing and growing support for OLIP, both financially and in providing mentorship to the interns. Your efforts help make OLIP a better programme and we cannot thank you enough.



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