My First Week as an OLIP intern

On my first day as an OLIP intern, I got ready with a mixture of nervousness and excitement similar to how one feels the morning of the first day of school. An unexpected torrential downpour made my commute and outfit choices more difficult than I expected. Despite this, the first day was a great opportunity to meet my fellow interns as well as the administration team.

Class of 2015-2016?

Besides getting lost in the hallways of Whitney Block, we spent the first couple of days getting acquainted with our role as interns and life at Queen’s Park. This included learning about the structure of the program, attending Question Period and receiving our committee placements. Our committees are set up so each intern can work on a specific aspect of the internship program.  I am chair of the Alumni Committee, which involves engaging OLIP alumni on events throughout the year. I’m very excited to get started on this committee because it is the 40th anniversary of OLIP and we hope to celebrate the exceptional history of OLIP. I’m also co-chair of the Advancement committee that focuses on all things social media to advance OLIP’s online presence including Twitter, Facebook, and of course, this blog. The first order of business was to get OLIP on Instagram, which is a great way to highlight OLIP’s activities via pictures. You can follow us @olipinterns (and we promise to limit our use of hashtags)!


We are on TV!

The highlight of the week for me was having the Speaker of the House, the Hon. Dave Levac, introduce us in the House during Question Period. It felt great to be recognized by a standing ovation by all the MPPs. And not to mention my parents were proud to see me and my fellow interns on TV!

The first week as an OLIP intern was a great experience. The other interns and I have been getting to know each other really well and are meshing well as a group. We received a warm welcome at Queen’s Park and I am enthusiastic about the next ten months.

Interested in applying to the program? check out our website for updates!


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