Service Ontario: More than you know!

Going into our meeting with Mr. Corey Davidson from Service Ontario, we did not really know what to expect. Yes, we have all dealt with them at one point or another, and know exactly what kind of services are provided, but nothing further. To most of us, Service Ontario only exists when we need its services and is simply out of sight and mind during other times. What were we going to hear in this meeting? Mind-blowing information on how a company that has a market monopoly does so much work continue to increase customer satisfaction, that’s what!

image1 (2)

Mr.Davidson started with the basics; the mandate of the agency, its governing principles and some future targets. This quickly turned into an interesting and very entertaining information session describing just how dedicated Service Ontario is in providing the services it does in a way that surpasses expectations. Keep in mind that this enthusiasm and drive is strong, despite Service Ontario not having any competitors out there!

It was impressive to learn that Service Ontario was quite active on social media. Their catchy infographics and clear messages were very palatable to say the least. The fact that Service Ontario has a dedicated social media team really drove home the point on just how hard the agency is working to keep us, Ontarians, satisfied. His presentation was both impressive and entertaining and there were many lessons to take home for the interns! So thank you Mr.Davidson, for showing us what really goes into making our driver licence renewals such a breeze!


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