An important element of what makes OLIP special are the amazing corporate sponsors that allow the interns to travel to other legislative bodies in Canada and the UK. We are especially thrilled when we get an opportunity to sit down with one of our sponsors to get to know them and their company. We were lucky enough to have one of our sponsors, Ontario Power Generation, take us out for a pub night to do just that!

The Vice-President of Corporate Relations and Communications Ted Gruetzner and Director of Provincial Relations Eric McGoey were able to take time out of their busy schedule to meet with us for a casual evening at The Pilot, a cool pub in Yorkville. The time consisted of getting to know Mr. Gruetzner, Mr. McGoey and OPG. As an influential Crown corporation, we were especially interested to learn about the relationship that OLIP and OPG have formed over the years. It was also fascinating to hear about the unique career paths that led to Mr. Gruetzner and Mr. McGoey to their current roles with OPG.
The overwhelming support that OLIP receives from OPG, along with our other sponsors means a great deal to the interns. We are happy to build these great partnerships and can’t wait to continue for years to come!


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