Oh the Places Interns Can Go! Meeting Tim Murphy

As it is OLIP’s 40th Anniversary, we are making extra effort to stay in touch with our amazing community of OLIP alumni. Our alumni have a variety of impressive careers including public servants, lawyers, academics and government relations specialists. One would think that many OLIP interns would be become elected officials, however there are only a few that have taken the plunge into public office! The OLIP interns were able to meet one of those who did, Tim Murphy.


Tim Murphy was elected as a Member of Provincial Parliament in 1993 and served as MPP for two years. Among other roles in the political realm, Mr. Murphy worked as chief of staff for Prime Minister Paul Martin. Currently, Tim Murphy is a lawyer at the law firm McMillan. 

In our roles as interns, Mr. Murphy encouraged us to volunteer for as many events as possible. As well, he stressed the importance of building a trusting relationship with your MPP. For our careers as a whole, Mr. Murphy encouraged us to focus on standing up for what is right whenever possible even though at times it may be difficult! Finally, we learned it is worthwhile to do a regular a “job test” to see if you are in the right role. He suggests to see how often you wake up in the morning excited to go into work. If it is more than 50 percent of the time, then you are on the correct path. We were interested to hear that although there may be difficult times in our careers, it should add up to more good days than difficult ones!

Thank you, Mr. Murphy for your frank (and sometimes hilarious) discussion of political life and giving us great perspective of where our careers can take us.


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