Smell Gas? Act Fast! Our Meeting with Enbridge

As interns, we are very fortunate to have a history of dedicated sponsors; who year after year ensure that we have the funding and education that we need to explore our future careers in many different capacities. Whether that is through funding our educational trips, coming in to speak with us regarding their professions and businesses, or providing us with career advice on a whim… the interns truly cannot thank our sponsors enough.

Embridge photo

One of these passionately dedicated sponsors is Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. And just as their slogan claims, “Life Takes Energy”, the interns warmly welcomed the energy we were provided with during a recent meeting with Enbridge held here at Queen’s Park. We were very lucky to meet with such outstanding professionals, on both a professional and personal basis.

Tanya Bruckmueller, Senior Manager of Brand Public Relations taught us about the important role of communications in ensuring customers are not only happy with the product they distribute, but also that they are safe. Enbridge’s latest campaign, “Smell Gas? Act Fast!” ensures the safety of their customers by heightening awareness that the smell of rotten eggs is added to natural gas pipelines. So that, in the case of a gas leak, customers will be aware to remain calm, leave the area immediately, and to call either their emergency hotline or 911. To roll this initiative out, Enbridge customers received “Scratch and Sniff” pamphlets with their October bills. Until December 31st, 2015, customers have the chance to take a “smelfie”, smelling the rotten egg, in order to win one of ten 500$ prizes!

Chris Wray, Manager of Government and Stakeholder Relations, not only taught us about government relations and the mutual relationship between Enbridge, the Ontario government, and the passing of pivotal pieces of legislation, but also about his former career as a political staffer – everything from working within a Ministry to even being a successful campaign manager! Chris’ career advice from Queen’s Park to Enbridge was very well received and much appreciated from this group of young professionals.

Finally, David Donovan, Senior Government Relations Advisor was an absolute treat! (Sorry Tanya and Chris, you were fabulous, too!) … But we interns have to stick together, and David is an alumnus of the OLIP Programme. Not only did David teach us the ins and outs of Enbridge, but he also gave us ample material on how to navigate the upcoming internship year based on his lived experience. Even more importantly than this, David is a shining example of what interns can do with our careers when we work hard and never give up on pursuing our dreams.


The interns would like to thank Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. for their continued support of the OLIP Programme and for the wonderful meetings, both formally and informally.



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