Je me souviens: A Day to Remember in Quebec City

Our final day in Quebec City was both poignant and memorable with the interns of the Jean-Charles-Bonenfant Foundation, the National Assembly’s internship program, arranging us meetings with two prominent figures of the National Assembly, the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec and MLA Amir Khadir.


After being escorted into the Lieutenant Governor’s office in the National Assembly, we were formally introduced to the Lieutenant Governor, The Honourable J. Michel Doyon. New to the position having been appointed in September of this year, His Honor described his experiences in the first three months of his tenure and the role of the Lieutenant Governor in the Assembly and in Quebec at large. His Honor also discussed his long and distinguished career as a lawyer in the province that saw him serve as President of the Quebec Bar, with many lessons and advice for the aspiring lawyers among us. Meeting with His Honor was a very meaningful experience and made us appreciate the warm welcome we received while visiting Quebec City and the dedication of the Jean-Charles-Bonenfant Foundation in arranging us many amazing meetings.

Eric_LGofQ signatures.JPG

Our last meeting in Quebec City was with MLA Amir Khadir of Quebec Solidaire. Our meeting with MLA Khadir was very captivating with his discussion of the founding of Quebec Solidaire and the party’s vision for Quebec. MLA Khadir also spoke to the party’s unique collective leadership structure that features two spokespersons of each gender with one as a sitting MLA and one outside the National Assembly. MLA Khadir is a widely recognized political figure in Quebec both for his distinctive positions on numerous political issues in the province and unique personal style, a style which we found captivating throughout our meeting.

The final two meetings of our visit to the National Assembly of Quebec were not only fascinating but gave us a chance to reflect on the amazing opportunities and privileges we have as OLIP interns for the year. We would again thank the Jean-Charles-Bonenfant Foundation interns for their time and effort in planning our visit to Quebec City. We will be sure to return the favour when they visit the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in the new year!



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