Dynamic discussions with Dwight Duncan

Before taking off for our parliamentary study trip to Quebec City and Ottawa, we had the pleasure of meeting with an Ontario political celebrity. Mr. Dwight Duncan was kind enough to offer us not one, but two hours of his time, to discuss his incredible career and to seek his advice. As the political junkies we are, all interns were extremely interested in this meeting and took full advantage of having such an individual available to us.


Listening intently to the experiences of Mr.Duncan through a number of different important roles in his career as a politician, we had a chance to have a candid conversation with him, for which we feel grateful. The meeting provided us with a personal look into what it feels like to be in a position of significant importance in a province like Ontario. Mr.Duncan’s advice to the interns were especially valuable and will be long-remembered.

Despite our best efforts, we were unable to prevent ourselves from asking too many questions however, and need to express that our excitement got the better of us–after all how many people get the chance to have a personal conversation with a past Finance Minister.

As OLIP interns, we thank Mr.Duncan for not only providing us with an opportunity to meet with him, but for being so candid about his experiences and frank with the advice he has provided all of us with. As we move forward with our careers, we will be sure to keep this meeting in our minds and will surely thank Mr.Duncan again over the years for sharing his foresight.


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