Powerful Women of Politics

To say that we OLIP interns are treated well is an understatement. We work for fantastic MPPs, shadow amazing staff at Queen’s Park, meet incredible people in both the public and private sector, travel across Canada and abroad thanks to our enduring sponsors, and we sharpen our academic side through our work with the Canadian Political Science Association. Yet, that is only scratching the surface!


We are also lucky enough at times to be treated like royalty, such as when we were dined by Maryse Gaudreault at the National Assembly in Quebec City, or when we were on the set of Rosemary Barton’s “Power and Politics” taping at CBC in Ottawa. Did I mention these both took place on the same day!?

Meeting Mme. Gaudreault was an absolute treat (pun intended!). We were invited to an exclusive breakfast full of candid conversation and inspiration from the Vice-President of the National Assembly herself. For the majority female OLIP cohort, seeing a female leading in such a powerful role with dignity and grace left a lasting impression for all of us interns, males included!


After a whirlwind trip from Quebec City to Ottawa, through freezing rain and many unforeseen obstacles, we were privileged to be on the set of CBC’s “Power and Politics” with host Rosemary Barton. Being the only guests on the set came with many privileges: We were able to tour the control rooms at CBC and have exclusive conversations with Ms. Barton during commercial breaks: She was kind, witty, funny, dedicated and above all, a true professional.

There is no doubt in any of our minds as to why Mme. Gaudreault and Ms. Barton are powerful women of politics!


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