Insuring our valued friendship with the IBAO

Last Friday, we had the privilege of meeting with Jim Murphy, CEO of OLIP’s first lead sponsor, the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO). Given our limited knowledge of the IBAO, we were curious about the organization and excited to learn more about why OLIP remains an important partner for IBAO. Mr. Murphy thoughtfully answered our slew of questions and was equally eager to learn about our role at Queen’s Park.

Alison_Insuring our valued friendship with the IBAO

As we learned, the IBAO is a non-profit professional business association for over 12 000 independent insurance brokers who share similar interests. The IBAO collaborates with insurances industries and stakeholders to build and maintain a business environment that will help their constituents. Although fostering positive relations within the industry is important, IBAO also values the role of government in regulating and promoting the insurance industry. Mr. Murphy addressed some of the current intersections between the provincial government and insurance, most notably pending legislation for Uber drivers.

Aside from his current position, Mr. Murphy impressed the interns with his knowledge of Ontario’s political sphere. (Literally) drawing on his experiences in a Minister’s office, Mr. Murphy provided a superb explanation of how various branches of the government communicate with each other (or not, in some cases). Mr. Murphy also helped articulate how Minister’s offices are organized, and why decisions are made through certain channels. Although many of us were familiar with this information from our government places, it was useful to hear it voiced  in such a clear and concise fashion.

As OLIP’s first lead sponsor, the IBAO enjoys a special place in the history of our organization. We are grateful for the their unwavering confidence in our program, and look forward to many more years of valued partnership. We’d like to extend a particularly warm thanks to Jim for taking the time to meet with OLIP and hear about our activities at the Legislature!


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