Beyond the 36%: Talking women and politics with Jane Taber

During our five months at Queen’s Park so far, we’ve learned a lot about how this place operates, whether it be anywhere from the chamber itself to a constituency office. But one part of legislative life we’ve all experienced that we know a lot less about is the media. In our offices, we have all interacted with the fourth estate in some way, and so and we were keen to know more about it. We were excited to have our first meeting with a member of the press corps.

Julia_Jane Taber

We had the pleasure of meeting with Jane Taber, a Queen’s Park columnist for the Globe and Mail. Though she’s not been working at the Pink Palace for long, Jane has a wealth of journalism experience, much of it on Parliament Hill. As a seasoned veteran of the field, she brought some interesting insights to our discussion about federal and provincial politics.

One subject that was clearly a passion for Jane is the role of women in politics. She recently started a column on women in politics, addressing issues of work-life balance, rules of the legislature, and more. (It’s posted every Friday, and is definitely worth a read.) We not only learned a lot about the history of women’s issues at Queen’s Park, we had a great chat about women in politics across the country.

And Jane didn’t only work at Parliament Hill; given her stint as Atlantic Bureau Chief for the Globe, she was able to bring the interns of stories of life in another province (which also happens the best province in Canada, with the best capital city anywhere in the country, in the entirely unbiased opinion of this intern). Comparing life in Halifax to Toronto certainly helps to give us all some useful perspective on what happens here at the legislature.

We’d like to thank Jane for a lovely (mari)time and for her insights on politics. We look forward to learning lots more in the weeks and months to come about the media at Queen’s Park.


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