On the Set of the Agenda with Steve Paikin

There is an incredible amount of work that goes into creating a television show and we were lucky enough to see it in action. We recently went for a visit to the TVO Studios in uptown Toronto to watch a taping of The Agenda and meet host Steve Paikin.

Sara_stevepaikin (1)

We began our visit with a tour of the recently renovated set. The new set of The Agenda features multiple seating formations, large screens and artwork with characters from Canada’s history. We were especially enamoured by the large picture of the Ontario Legislature! We then watched The Agenda’s host Steve Paikin interview a theoretical physicist about her book on the atoms that make up our universe. It was definitely a topic that expanded our typical discussions about politics and policy!

We later had a great discussion with Mr. Paikin on his experiences as host. He mentioned how he finds something interesting about each person he interviews whether it is a famous politician or an average citizen. When Mr. Paikin had to do a read-through for the next segment, he offered to let us participate which was a fun chance to try out our skills as host. Olivia, Brittany and Alison knocked it out of the park. For the next segment, we observed the filming from the control room. This offered us the opportunity to see the producers manage the multiple cameras and a Skype feed into one seamless interview. It is definitely not an easy feat! 

Sara_StevePaikin (2).JPG

Our visit to The Agenda was a great behind-the-scenes tour on the making of television. We are thankful to the producers and host Steve Paikin for taking the time to meet with us.



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