Starstruck with the Toronto Star

On a lovely Friday afternoon, we had the pleasure of meeting with Robert Benzie, the Queen’s Park Bureau Chief for the Toronto Star. It was enlightening to hear from someone who had such a large amount of expertise in reporting in and around the Pink Palace. He is a reporter who has a wealth of experience in the Legislature and knows a lot about the importance of building relationships between Members of Provincial Parliament and the media.

Mr. Benzie explained to us his history and past positions at different papers, including his previous work with the Toronto Sun and the National Post, a paper which he helped launch. It was fascinating hearing about his previous experiences with these other well-regarded papers for which he covered many elections and other interesting events over the years.

We were also enthralled by Mr. Benzie’s many war stories from his older reporting days and the very interesting tales that he has accumulated from covering Queen’s Park over the years. We  learned about the importance of integrity and cordial behaviour in journalism and politics. We also made sure to ask about Mr. Benzie’s thoughts on the ever changing landscape of journalism in the age of new technology and social media. It was refreshing to hear Mr. Benzie’s mostly positive outlook on the industry and the innovation that he sees in the Toronto Star and other newspapers.

It was a pleasure to hear tales from Mr. Benzie and learn from his storied past. We all learned a thing or two about journalism and deeply enjoyed Mr. Benzie’s quick wit and intelligence. Who knows, maybe one of us will eventually become the next Robert Benzie!