You Can Bank On It, With CIBC

For the most part, our interactions with the bank are limited to a series of mouse clicks, a few taps on an app, and the occasional trip to the ATM. It’s certainly not everyday that one is invited to visit the head office of one of Canada’s and North America’s leading financial institutions, but on a brisk Friday afternoon, the OLIP interns got to do just that!


In early February, we were graciously invited to join Michel Liboiron, the Director of Government Relations at CIBC’s head office. From a boardroom perched 50 stories above the streets of downtown Toronto and overlooking Lake Ontario and the city’s east end, we got the chance to learn more about how CIBC does business, how it supports programmes like our own and initiatives like the 2015 Pan Am / Parapan Am games, and how Canada’s financial institutions participate in provincial and federal policy and regulatory development processes.

While it is easy to underestimate how important financial institutions are when doing some quick banking from behind a computer or cellphone screen, we certainly left with a great appreciation for the role that institutions like CIBC play in our public life in Toronto, Ontario, and Canada!