Storm at Queen’s Park: Our Meeting with Christina Blizzard

The Queen’s Park Press Gallery wouldn’t be complete without Christina Blizzard, columnist for the Toronto Sun. Having spent the past twenty-two years in the pink palace, she’s seen not both her fair share of governments and OLIP Interns! Having met with many of the Queen’s Park press gallery, Ms. Blizzard reiterated many of the changes and pressures that journalists and the newspaper industry are facing today- less staff, yet a demand for more immediate news updates.


The interns listened carefully to Ms. Blizzard’s passionate explanation of her the sense of camaraderie and friendship among the whole press gallery, no matter the newspaper banner they stood under. As Ms. Blizzard stated at the end of the day they act as ‘outsiders’ in Queen’s Park and have to clearly delineate between politicians and themselves; together they are only accountable to their readers in delivering truth to their readers.

The interns want to thank Ms. Blizzard for her time, sharing her career history and political insights into Queen’s Park. With her tenacity and passion for writing, we’re sure she’ll be meeting the OLIP Interns for generations to come!