Talking GR with TD

Gary Clement is not your typical bank employee. He won’t help you with your investment portfolio or advise you on a mortgage. Instead, Gary has been able to use his many years of experience in the political world as TD Bank’s Senior Manager of Government Relations.


We were ecstatic to meet with Gary to learn more about this role and of TD Bank’s influence in the financial sector. Gary began with sharing many stories from his political experiences. He had no shortage of hilarious anecdotes. For those of us interested in pursuing government relations as a career, Gary gave us some insightful advice. It was fascinating to learn how important the connections Gary made during his time as a political staffer were throughout his career.

Sara_TalkingGRwithTD (1).JPG

As one of Canada’s leading financial institutions, TD Bank is directly impacted by many government policies. Having a politically-saavy government relations team is a key factor in ensuring government and TD Bank have a coordinated dialogue.
TD is a generous sponsor of OLIP and we were grateful to be able to sit down with Gary and learn more about it!