A Mammoth Gift

While we were more and more excited about our trip to Yellowknife as our departure date approached, many of us grew increasingly anxious about one aspect of our trip : The Great Northern Cold.


As proud Canadians, of course, we’ve been taught to embrace winter in (most of) its glory, but we also recognize the difference between an Ontarian winter and a Northern Winter. The More Winter Experienced among our group (our Huron-Bruce/Ottawa-Valley residents) exchanged tips with our South-Western Ontarian counterparts about how to stay warm in the Great White North. Indeed, I’ve rarely heard ten people talk so enthusiastically about the Art of Layering and the pros and cons of wool versus cotton socks.

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However, you can imagine our relief when we learnt that Mammoth Outerwear had generously agreed to donate ten coats to the interns! For our less familiar readers, Mammoth Outwear is a Toronto-based company committed to producing coats free of animal products. Their coats are designed to weather the world’s most frigid temperatures thanks to their extreme weather performance fabrics. As an added bonus, we looked great in them.

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From our twenty kilometer treks around Yellowknife, to our midnight cross-country ski adventures, to our excursions dog-sledding and watching the Northern Lights, these coats kept the interns warm, happy, and exploring all week long. We were mildly amazed and VERY impressed at how warm and cozy the jacket’s light materials kept us throughout our outdoor adventures – particularly during the colder, windier, and darker moments of the trip. We’d like to thank everyone at Mammoth Outwear – and especially Anthony and Mammoth founder James –  for helping make our trip so incredible!


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