The Life and Times of David Lindsay


The Interns had the great pleasure of meeting with David Lindsay, the President and CEO of the Council of Ontario Universities (COU). COU promotes university education and research and the role of universities in preparing both undergraduate and graduate students for success in their lives and careers. There are currently twenty members of COU and one associate member, all of which represent some of Canada’s best publically assisted post-secondary institutions. As a part of COU’s work, the Council works with its members to find consensus on a wide range of issues and advances them with government and other stakeholders.


While his current position with COU is extremely exciting, Mr. Lindsay’s career in general is nothing short of amazing. He has previously served as a Deputy Minister in a variety of different ministries and also worked in various positions on the partisan side of government, including the Chief of Staff to Premier Harris. Between his positions in the Government of Ontario, Mr. Lindsay has held senior positions with organizations such as the Forest Products Association of Canada, Colleges Ontario and the World Wildlife Fund of Canada.

Suffice it to say that the interns had an exciting discussion with Mr. Lindsay about his career history and what led him to his current position. We learned about his transition from a partisan staffer to a non-partisan public servant. Mr. Lindsay’s dedication to serving the public was definitely inspiring to all the interns, and his depth of insight on Ontario politics and policy was absolutely fascinating. We all enjoyed our conversation with Mr. Lindsay and we all would be happy if our careers end up being even half as interesting as his!



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