A Premier of Many Firsts- Our Meeting with Premier Kathleen Wynne

Our final meeting with a party leader was with our current Premier, the Honourable Kathleen Wynne. As Ontario’s first female and openly gay Premier, she has taken the Legislature by storm bringing a new tone to both her Party and to Queen’s Park.

PRemier meeting

Immediately upon entering the room we were taken by the commanding energy and vibrancy of the Premier. Proving true to her belief in justice and equality, Premier Wynne encouraged each of us to ask a question and divided her time equally amongst all of us. Each of us had a particular question of personal interest and in the short time we had together we managed to cover topics ranging from women in politics, to aboriginal affairs, Ontario’s health care system, and rural issues. Our Manitoban counterparts joined us for the meeting and brought forward important concerns about interprovincial relations, bringing a unique perspective to our thinking about Ontario.

Premier Meeting

Time whisked by, and before we knew it was time for the Premier to go to Question Period, where she’d have to guard against a completely different type of questioning. We want to thank the Premier once again for taking the time to meet with us and answering each question thoughtfully and thoroughly.


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